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Offshore formation and bank account opening

We are an international offshore incorporator, specialized in low tax or tax-free offshore company registration. The jurisdictions we work with include Hong Kong,Thailand, Singapore,Belize,Latvia, Malta, Cyprus, Panama,UK, Seychelles and many more.

We also offer offshore bank account opening both for corporations and individuals, offshore credit cards, offshore e-commerce solutions with very stable and secure banking partners.An offshore bank account is an account that is opened in a jurisdiction outside of the country of residence of the account holder. They are opened for financial and legal reasons, where the benefits of opening offshore accounts are appealing to consumers and companies worldwide. The main reasons for opening are as follows: greater privacy, low or zero taxation, and protection against local political and financial instability than that of your country of domicile. With the introduction of internet banking and internationally accepted debit cards and credit cards, banking overseas is far easier than ever.We never release information to third parties.We have very compititive prices in the business but what we think is even more important is that we provide a high level of service , security and secrecy. Merchant Accounts

High Risk merchant payment Processing

IBS is associated with large number of offshore acquiring banks and large payment processors offering reliable, stable and secure payment processing for most of the high risk businesses. Our rates are very complititve unlike other high risk alternative payment solutions companies.

Anybody and almost any business can be labeled high risk at the application stage for a number of reasons, a business that has a high refund rate can be categorized "high risk" by any merchant provider. If applications have been turned down recently it could be that the applicant business does not meet strict underwriting criteria making a "high risk" credit card processor the answer.When working with a credit card processing provider that specializes in high risk merchant accounts, your application will most likely be approved.

Often, high risk merchants will pay high risk rates. However, we have found that we save 98% of vendors on processing fees over what they are currently experiencing whether they have low, medium or high risk needs. Be cautious because there are many providers who will automatically approve applicants with predatory contracts and outrageous rates. Always check your contract and see if there's standards for minimizing the transaction rates. Larger reserves, rolling reserve agreements and other types of risk minimization can help an applicant obtain the best rates possible.