Secure Online Payment System

Online payment system booming the internet purchase and proven the best thing the web if offering today with advance facilities to take sales and handle your business from anywhere in the world through the website. With the wide range of online payment options with IBS today the internet purchase can be done easily and safely. We provide complete online banking payment solutions accept payment electronically by managing transactions between seller and buyer.

We at IBS offer you an elastic and flexible process to effectively manage your online banking solutions with a range of online banking payment processing solutions that effectively manage your transaction and give high customers satisfaction. Since this mode of payment allows online buyers to pay conveniently (via bank transfer) through just a couple of clicks.

Key Features of Online Banking Payment Solutions

  • Check guarantee, verification, and recovery
  • 100% electronic transactions
  • Minimized risk of human error
  • Faster transactions
  • Zero handling fees
  • 24x7 access to funds
  • No risk of lost/stolen checks
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Improved cash flow
  • Quicker closing, balancing and settlement
  • Automatic tracking of ACH payments back to your customer
  • No manual reconciliation required
  • Cost-effective
  • Direct debit into your customer's checking account
  • Auto-conversion of paper checks into ACH transfers
  • Real time transaction status tracking
  • Better service
  • Easy to implement – convenient, secure and efficient