Online Fund Transfer with IBS Payment Solutions

Online Fund Transfer with IBS. InternetOnline Fund Transfer with IBS Payment Solutions and phone banking is the first approach clicks in our mind, when it comes to online fund transfer. Online banking with IBS allows you to make payment for banking transactions such as, bills payment, transferring money, checking balance or setting up a regular payment to your bank or co-operative society with secure websites. Online banking is also known as internet banking, which you can assess via computers or cell phones. You can make a wide range of payment like; credit card transaction, paying tax, utility bill payments, recharge and transfer of funds to another bank or saving account. By following simple steps you can assess for internet banking, speak up to your bank branch for setting up an internet banking service to your phone which is having internet connection. You need a Name, Sort code and account details of the company you wish to make payment.

When people are using internet banking they feel unsure while transferring heavy volume transactions. For this reason many people don’t use internet banking, but the OBeP system protects the consumer’s personal and sensitive information regarding disclosure of the account number to online merchants or third parties. Make sure a secure browser is used. While directing with bank for online banking transaction read all privacy policy, don’t skip all this important information which spell out your potential risk. The cost associated with fraud estimated at 1.2% of sales by online retailer in 2009 is intensely reduced by OBep, because the issuer bank is responsible for the validations of credit transactions. The transaction fees for Online Payments is varied by networks and some are fixed, but lower than 1.9% merchant fees associated with mitigating frauds and PCI audits.