Cryptocurrency Merchant Account

Cryptocurrency Merchant Account

With technology evolving and getting more advanced, the way business is done constantly changes. The way products and services are bought or sold is not one dimensional anymore. And one of the major changes that has been happening and continues to evolve is the way merchants accept payment and merchants process them.

In order to keep up with customer demands and preferences, various modes of payment are necessary to be integrated by a business in order to grow.

One of the popular forms of payment that is fairly recent and has seen an upward trend is the paying or accepting of cryptocurrency in exchange of products or services.

Cryptocurrency has gained increase popularity in the recent years. The digital currency may be new to the market but it continues to see positive growth, especially among the younger demographic.

What is a Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital money. They are mainly associated with online transactions and use encryption technology to secure and verify said transactions. The most common and popular currency used is Bitcoin which was created in 2009.

Types of Digital Currencies that are accepted as Payments

While Bitcoin is the most popular and often used digital currency that is used in the form of payment, there are other known currencies too. Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Monero to name a few that are accepted by merchants as payments.

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Why do you need a Cryptocurrency Merchant Account?

Apart from the obvious need to evolve as a business and fulfill customer preferences, there are numerous reasons why as a merchant you should be considering accepting cryptocurrency as a payment option.

  • With a decentralized payment structure, the payments are transferred directly online to the merchant with no third party involved as well as no hidden fees.
  • Security is one of the major benefits to both merchants and customers. A multiple level encryption technology allows extra security during transactions and lessens the threat of identity theft or fraud.
  • If you are a high risk business, you must be well aware of the threat of chargebacks to your business. Using a cryptocurrency eliminates it.
  • The processing charges for cryptocurrency is lower than that of credit card processing.
  • Cryptocurrencies are accepted in the UK as well as all around the world. The transactions take place faster too with no extra charges on international payments.
  • If you are looking to stand out and cater to a wide audience, cryptocurrency processing will help leverage your business and expand it.
  • Customer satisfaction is another important attribute. If you are business with a predominant young demographic, accepting cryptocurrency can do wonders.
  • Not only do businesses have several benefits by setting up cryptocurrency processing, customers have equal advantages by paying using digital currencies.

Accept Cryptocurrency using International Bank Services (IBS) High Risk Merchant Account Solutions

Are you keen on accepting cryptocurrency for your business? Obtain High Risk Merchant Account Solutions designed for Cryptocurrency Processing.

If you have already looked around searching for a bank or merchant account provider for a crytocurrency merchant account, you will find that most of the processors will deny you. Challenges such as price volatility risks, difficulty in real-time processing because of such volatility and unregulated currency by financial institutions means securing a quality crytocurrency merchant account will be an issue for merchants.

If you are merchant looking to accept cryptocurrency, International Bank Services (IBS) is here to help you!

International Bank Services (IBS) based in London, U.K., Europe offers High Risk Merchant Account Solutions for accepting cryptocurrencies for merchants of all types. With a large network of acquiring banks and significant industry experience, International Bank Services (IBS) has proven to be a reliable, stable and secure high risk merchant processor for merchants everywhere looking for Cryptocurrency processing.

International Bank Services (IBS) provides comprehensive High Risk Merchant Account Processing Solutions including a secure Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway and Point of Sale terminal for merchants in order accept payments both physically and online.

Providing services across London, UK and all over Europe, International Bank Services (IBS) has a strong team that provides dedicated 24/7 support to our high risk merchants.

Looking for High Risk Merchant Account with instant approval to get started with Cryptocurrency processing? With over 95% of merchant approval rate, IBS is an ideal choice for your business.

For Cryto traders, International Bank Services (IBS) offers cryto payment gateway to buy cryptos using a debit or credit card. Now you can accept card payments and issue cryptos to individuals or companies.

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