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Do you live in the UK but travel to Paris frequently? Or got kids studying in Germany that require funds for tuition and food? Or you are soon to kick-start a new business in Milan. Maybe an online merchant with target markets around Europe?

In conclusion, if you receive and make payments in Euros often then opening a European bank account makes the transactions smooth and easy. You could lose money every time you transfer money from a different currency or country, in which case a euro bank account comes in handy. Apart from making the process easier it could also help you save some money.

Many businesses already have a euro bank account but if you are one of those who don’t have it yet, it’s high time you get one soon.
Not just traditional banks but many other independent financial companies too, offer Euro bank account services making it easier and cheaper.

Why you should have a European Bank Account?
As the name suggests, a European bank account allows you to make transactions i.e. pay or receive money in Euros.
It is beneficial to individuals and businesses that trade in multiple currencies or even just transfer funds to relatives and friends abroad frequently since you tend to lose value on these transfers.

Take a look at some of the benefits of a Euro bank account –

  • Paying and receiving in Euros made easy
  • Zero fee transfers to relatives and peers within the Euro zone
  • Exchange rate movements can be managed carefully to reduce risk
  • Low foreign exchange cost
  • Money transfers are safe and secure
  • In some cases, Euro bank accounts can hold multiple currencies in a single account
  • Beneficial for individual’s with International Investment Portfolios

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Finding it difficult to transfer and receive money across Europe? Considering opening a Euro Bank Account but don’t know where to look for? Look no further. Open a European Bank Account with International Bank Services, U.K. & Europe With several years of trusted banking relationships, we offer you easy, affordable and fast way to make transactions in Euros. What’s more? You also have the luxury to open this account online.
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International Bank Services (IBS), headquartered in London, U.K. & Europe offers customized and affordable merchant account services for all business sizes and types.
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