Merchant Account

Merchant Account

Considering opening up new payment options for your customers? Merchant Account is the way to go if you want to keep up with changing trends in payment processes and expand your business to cashless customers. Figures suggest that cashless transactions are in high demand around the world.
Merchant Account Services are a set of financial services that facilitate businesses to accept credit and debit cards and other types of electronic payment through point-of-sale systems for physical stores. They also enable online transaction processes through advanced and Secure Payment Gateway.
A merchant account is a prerequisite for any type of merchant who wishes to offer electronic payment services to their customers for their products and services. The account can be established by banks or merchant account providers like us. Smooth and secure transaction process and proper settlement is the key to a good electronic payment process.

This is why you should establish a Merchant Account –

Apart from enabling your business to accepting all forms of payment, A Merchant Account also offers additional benefits like allowing multi-currency transaction, improved cash flows and added security.

  • The ability to accept various forms of payment expands your customer base which leads to increase in sales and improves your business revenue significantly.
  • Manual transaction can be laborious. Whereas, accepting cash electronically shortens the payment process and customer checkout is quick and efficient.
  • By providing several payment options, you increase customer satisfaction and convenience by giving them the flexibility to choose.
  • Online shopping is rampant in the present day and age. Majority of the shoppers prefer online cash transactions than COD.

International Bank Services (IBS) Merchant Account Services – offers a wide range of electronic payment solutions for all kinds of merchants, regardless of size or type. Our ultimate goal is to enable you to expand your business. Our team understands your business goals and requirements and provides you with customized payment solutions accordingly. International Bank Services (IBS) aids you in reaching your customers by providing state-of-the-art and secure payment processing solutions which are easy, smooth as well as affordable.
International Bank Services (IBS) Merchant services help secure own or third party merchant and ACH Payment Processing accounts for businesses. Accepting credit cards and other forms of payment plays a key factor for a long and successful business.
A good merchant services deal is hard to find. International Bank Services (IBS) brings you merchant accounts and ACH processing options for all kinds of accepted business categories. Our team conducts a thorough research based on your business category and requirements to help you get the right solution.
Our merchant services include online services for accepting electronic payments by a variety of payment methods including credit card, ACH and real-time bank transfer based on net banking.
Typically, International Bank Services (IBS) can connect you to multiple acquiring banks, card, and payment networks. But in many cases we completely manage these technical connections, relationships with the external network, and bank accounts. This makes the merchant less dependent on financial institutions and establishes direct connections - especially when operating globally. By allowing the business to simply deal with a single payment company (which has pre-existing relationships with acquiring banks throughout the world) a huge amount of time and effort for establishing trust with multiple financial institutions can be saved.
We also provide Merchant Account Solutions for businesses that require payment processing services to accept payments via Internet, Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO), & POS/Retail transactions.

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What is a Merchant Account Provider?

Credit and debit cards have become the preferred method of payment in today’s marketplace making a merchant account vital for the vast majority of businesses. At a time when consumers are looking for the purchasing process to be as simple and streamlined as possible providing them with the option to pay by whatever means they deem convenient can be hugely beneficial.

International Bank Services (IBS) is a merchant account provider that has extensive experience in setting up internet and business merchant accounts. We have a large network of relationships with acquiring banks throughout the world which allows us to provide clients with extremely competitive rates. This also allows International Bank Services (IBS) to work with a wide variety of companies, not simply those that fit within the traditional industries. This can include businesses that are often viewed as ‘high risk’ such as companies that deal in the sale of pharmaceutical products or websites that provide online dating services.

How Can I Use International Bank Services (IBS) as a Merchant Account Provider for my Business?

The first step of using International Bank Services (IBS) to set up a business merchant account is to fill in and submit an application form. Some of the information required will include:

  • The URL of the businesses website.
  • Details of the company (including details of directors and shareholders).
  • Bank details in order to conduct necessary credit checks.
  • Technical specifications of the website (for example server details).
  • Information on any prior payment processing.
  • Details of the products or services being provided.
  • Customer service information.

We Offer –

  • Internet and ecommerce accounts
  • High Risk merchant account
  • Third party merchant accounts
  • Credit card processing
  • ACH and Check Payment Processing
  • Online banking real time credit transfers for SEPA ( EUROPE) and UK
  • Mobile payment processing
  • Payment gateways
  • POS terminals
  • Shopping carts integrations

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