Partner with International Bank Services (IBS)

International Bank Services (IBS) believes in winning through partnerships. We acknowledge that the key determinant of succeeding in a partnership is sharing a common vision We understand that to facilitate a successful partnership, one that is truly win-win, we need to ensure that our partners understand our vision and share in the ideals that we uphold. Our partners might also require guidance in the form of technical support, training, materials and other resources. Win-win partner relations We understand that a successful partnership is fostered only when both partners understand the common strategic vision and plan and work together in managing the relationship. So, we thought that we'd put down a few ideas here about what we feel is core to the essence of a successful partnership. Partner with us and increase customer satisfaction by expanding your market reach.

Benefits for the Partners

• Multiple payment options to choose from

• Great rates on offer to attract new merchants

• Dedicated relationship managers

• We offer faster and true 50 % split on the net margins to the partners

• Increase your profit by offering new opportunities. Start providing your customers with a payment processing solution and generate residual income.

• Looking to sell your portfolio ? International Bank Services (IBS) is interested in acquiring your merchants. Contact us today.

Bank Requirements

  • Notarized copies of each signatory's passport
  • original bank reference letter (or) 1 original bank reference letter and 1 original character reference
  • letter (attorney or accountant) (must be in English)
  • A copy of a utility bill confirming place of residence
  • Original Bank Application Forms
  • Certified corporate documents