Virtual Terminal for mail orders

Simple and Secure Solutions for Accepting Credit Cards

Now Accept Payments over Phone and Boost the massive sales opportunity up to 70%

A virtual terminal is a part of payment solutions enables your business to accept payments over the phone and emails or online. Keeping you always ready to make a sale. Our virtual terminals have been designed to allow multiple users to submit the transaction for authorization. By using latest fraud detection tools and security checks to protect your customer's data at all times.

Accepts cards payments on multiple devices

Virtual terminal credit card processing allows merchants and businesses person to accept payments overthe phone, mail or online from anywhere in the world. The best option for customers while card not presents the merchant enters the card details into a form on behalf of the customer, who is not present.

A virtual terminal is the best method to take online payments without any big investment to complex system No specialized hardware is required and it is the responsibility of the virtual terminal provider to comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) because card details are not stored by the merchant.