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Credit Card Processing, Credit Card Processor

Looking for a Credit Card Processing and Credit Card Processor Merchant Services for your business?

Present-day scenario indicates a fast-paced change in the marketplace, which also means there is a significant shift in the way consumers consume products and services. Implementation of credit card processing strategy is, therefore, a key factor for your business to evolve and thrive. Credit card processing services add value to your business.
Quality credit card processing service is an absolute essential as it affects key business areas; viz. quick and reliable transactions, your existing business rate structure and the availability of a well-rounded tech support.
The merchant can rest be assured that all of the minute details of accepting payments electronically will be handled by the Credit Card Processor.

Here’s a brief summary of how credit card processing works –

  • Credit card is submitted for payment by the customer
  • The encrypted transaction information is sent to the processor securely
  • This transaction information is then submitted to the credit card networks (e.g. MasterCard or Visa) who send it to the customer’s bank
  • The data is then transmitted to the customer’s bank so that it can either be approved or declined depending on the availability of funds. The results are then sent back to the credit card network. The transaction results are relayed back to the processor by the credit card network.
  • The results are then sent to the website for the merchant and the customer to see. Delivery of customer’s products takes place by the merchant
  • The credit card network transfers the funds to the merchant’s bank account once the issuing bank sends allocated funds to it
  • Within 2-4 business days the funds are deposited to the merchant’s bank account. This is called Settlement.

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Take a look at the benefits of Credit Card Processing –

  • Legitimize business - Accepting credit card legitimizes your business. It improves your business credibility. You catch the customer’s attention by displaying credit card logos accepted at your cash register or at the website. Have the trust they have for their credit card brands transfer on to your business.
  • Boost Sales – Moving from cash-only transaction to accepting electronic payments can widen your customer base significantly. It ultimately leads to boost in sales for your business. Diverse payment options make your business accessible to a large market.
  • Crucial for online business – Majority of online transactions happen electronically via credit or debit cards. As an e-merchant, credit card processing is an absolute necessity.
  • Improve Cash flows – Credit card processing is an electronic process. The funds are settled quickly and deposited into the merchant’s bank account efficiently. This results in less zero billing and less cash to handle. It also eliminates the risk of bad checks.
  • Convenience – Credit card processing is an automated process. Hence, it becomes convenient and effective for both merchants as well as customers. Credit cards are not only the easiest form of method for the customers but they also offer many other benefits like offer points, rewards, mileage which only encourages the customers to make payment through cards.

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We ensure high-level security to safeguard your business as well as your customers from credit card fraud and electronic theft.
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